Stem Cell Injections for Facial Rejuvenation

Stem Cell Injection is a new technique for adding volume and wrinkle reduction. Stem Cells tighten the skin by stimulating other cells within the skin to increase collagen production.

Therefore the rejuvenation that takes place is an enhanced version of a natural cellular process that normally takes place.

Amniotic fluid is a fluid that surrounds the fetus to provide it with protection and nutrients. Amniotic fluid contains stem cells and many other beneficial nutrients that encourage healthy growth. Amniotic fluid is injected into the facial skin to enhance skin health and address signs of aging. This is a popular injectable treatment because the results are completely natural, while often lasting much longer than traditional dermal fillers and injectable. For enhanced results, amniotic fluid can be combined with dermal fillers, PRP injections, Microneedling or laser. Your WFD Provider can help you select the best course of action for your skin. Information regarding PDO thread lift also known as MINT (Minimally Invasive Threadlift).